Safe Pet System belongs to the group of companies of New Health System "N.H.S" activated in the creation and management of primary and secondary healthcare programmes on behalf of organizations, insurance companies and the company itself.

The healthcare programmes of Safe Pet System were created and are supported by consultants in the field of pet health and care services, veterinary scientists and specialized healthcare programmes managers.

Safe Pet System has as its primary purpose to provide healthcare programmes that ensure high quality health services to pets of the members / insured and to incorporate them in a system of additional benefits and services regarding the whole range of their pet care, contributing to the upgrade and their quality living conditions.


The Company, for the complete and reliable support of all the benefits and services provided to the members of its programmes, has created a selected and geographically distributed network of contracted veterinary clinics to deal with all the health incidents.

Meanwhile, Safe Pet System has contracted and developed special partnerships with companies that support pets in food, care - grooming, training and hospitality centers «pension», in order to provide additional and substantial cover for its subscriber / insured.


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4 healthcare programmes for pets